20 Feb 2017
Business Promotion on Pinterest

7 Important Tips for Business Promotion on Pinterest

Before Instagram became popular, Pinterest was and still is one of the most popular image-driven platforms on the web. If you haven’t utilized Pinterest for your business promotions, then you are probably blinded by the myth that this platform is no longer popular. Pinterest may not be widely advertised, but it is equally popular as other image-driven platforms. In fact, Pinterest is the favorite place where people get fresh and original ideas. Pinterest has garnered more than 150 million active users monthly. So, the question really is– why not promote business on Pinterest? In this post, let’s take a closer look at how you can promote your business on Pinterest. Here are 7 important tips for business promotion on Pinterest:

7 Business Promotion Tips on Pinterest

Optimize Your Pins

Pinterest is popular because of its gallery-like theme where users can create and share amazing pins with their target audience. However, due to the fact that competition has become tougher in online marketing recently, knowing the best time to pin and applying SEO strategies prove to be useful. Optimization of pins includes adding keywords to your pin titles, descriptions, and image file names. This way, it is easier for your target audience to discover your pins and easier for search engines to read relevant contents from your pins.

Limit to 150-300 Character Descriptions

The ideal length for descriptions on Pinterest is between 150-300 characters. People have short attention span; hence, the order of your descriptions must be the most important one to the least important. If people can’t immediately see the details they are looking for, they will not hesitate to look for other sources.

High-Quality Photos Are the Key

Just like any other image-driven environment like Instagram, Pinterest regards pictures as the primary traffic driver. If your pins contain unappealing and low-quality images, your audience will not spare their precious time to read your pins. Even if you write the best descriptions, people will skip them if the picture is not appealing and convincing enough.

Use Call-to-Pins

Same as how Call-To-Action works, Pinterest’s Call-To-Action pins are also an efficient way to encourage people to convert to your brand. Use interesting, relevant, and timely CTPs and get rid of those generic ones. Do not just sell the products per se; instead, sell what the products can do.

Multiple Products in One Pin

If you have related products, it would be great to just feature them in a single pin. Featuring multiple products on your pins gives people an idea that you have a lot to offer, prompting them to engage more.

Create Your Group Boards

This is perhaps one of the most underrated marketing strategies on Pinterest but has the potential to generate much revenue. Create a group board and select reliable contributors who will update the board besides you. This will create better engagement, especially if your contributors are some of your loyal followers. This tactic has two benefits– you get more people to engage on your social network for free, and your product promotion will reach a larger group of potential audience.

Build Relationship with Influencers

Yes, influencer marketing is also useful on Pinterest. You can start doing so by initiating collaborations with reliable and popular influencers. This way, their own network of followers will also find time to check out your posts and pins. For this to work, make sure you have established a credible reputation so that influencers don’t have to think twice about collaborating with you.

These are some of the key tips which businesses can apply to maximize the wide potential market on one of the biggest content sharing platforms around. Seize Pinterest’s core potential and see the difference. You can also check out AIPL@Pinterest.

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