31 Oct 2016
Benefits of Having Landing Pages

How Can a Landing Page be Beneficial For Your Site

“What is landing page?” – this is one of the questions that most business owners face. A landing page is literally the page that a site visitor lands on right after clicking a link that’s part of the company’s call-to-action or online marketing. This standalone page is essential in the world of marketing and advertising since it’s designed to zero in on an online campaign that can only be accessed through the call-to-action links. Before we dive in further into the benefits of landing page, let us discuss a little more about its concept.

The concept of landing page is to lure in people who can be your potential clients in the future and to slowly introduce the product you’re selling minus the information overload and the annoying sales talk. The role of the landing page is highly important in the sense that it can make or break your business. If it’s boring or if it has way too many details, you might as well kiss the possibility of selling your product or service goodbye.

  • Landing pages are used for collecting personal information. These are often done in exchange for the following:
  • Podcasts for those who want to continue learning about different topics while working out or commuting to/from the office.
  • Blog subscriptions with contents that can be received through RSS or email.
  • Newsletters, reports, and e-books about topics that interest you.
  • Online video presentations
  • Free registration for webinars, live chat sessions, and consultation services with experts and special guests.
  • Free e-course that’s packed with everything you need to know about a certain subject.

Types of Landing Page

There are two types of landing pages: lead generation and click-through. A lead generation landing page aims to get your potential client’s email address, which when received is equivalent to getting the go signal to reach out and market your product to them. This converts that random site visitor into a loyal customer/subscriber through constant communication via their email address.

The click-through landing page, commonly known as a jump page, is designed to gently introduce your product/service to the client. It acts as a link between the ad and the site page that you want the client to visit. Click-through landing pages are more often used in e-commerce since it gives the buyer all of the information needed before making an online purchase. The last stop is usually the checkout or the shopping cart, where the buyer chooses a payment option to close the sale. Click-through landing pages also contain images and videos of the product that contain benefits and details to persuade the buyer to click on the call-to-action link.

Benefits of Landing Page

Importance and Benefits of Landing Page

Apart from effortless lead generation, a landing page allows you to come up with demographic data about your potential clients. Whenever a lead fills out the conversion form on your site’s landing page, your sales and marketing team are both getting important information that can help them come up with effective strategies to boost the business. This information will help the marketing team understand the profiles of the people who are taking interest in your product or service.

Another reason why landing pages are important for your business is that it allows you to see who among the many prospects that you have are really interested or engaged in your products and services. You can keep a close eye on re-conversions through your landing page, making it easier for you to know more about your lead’s activities and behavior on your website. What links do they usually click and what pages do they frequently visit? These are valuable information that your sales team can capitalize on when reaching out to these leads.

A landing page will benefit your business by increasing your sales, giving you more leads, and allowing you to create a relationship with possible clients. If there’s a product or service that you want to sell online, perhaps an advocacy that you want people to know of, or samples and free trials that you want to give away, use a landing page. This will easily increase your conversion by more than 100%. Now, don’t make the mistake of assuming that your homepage and landing page are the same. The homepage of your website contains general information that random visitors can benefit from while a landing page converts these visitors and turns them into customers/subscribers. A landing page links the visitor to the specific product or service that he needs, which then shortens the closing process of the sale.

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