19 Sep 2016
Visual Data Representation Impact in SEO

Impact of Visual Data Representation in Digital Marketing

A good article needs a very intriguing title and informative content for the audience to read more. The introduction plays a major role to capture someone’s attention. A lame introduction with lots of jargons and non-sense will encourage the viewer to leave your web page or blog and find another over the web. Besides, first impression last as they always say. Therefore, Visual Data Representation and marketing is becoming more successful than any other kind of communication. In fact, marketers that are using visual content reap the harvest with high returns in terms of followers, fans, readers, clients, and revenue. Check out this Visual Data Infographic.

Visuals Are Appealing To Humans

Humans are actual beings and this makes them different from the virtual search engines and crawlers. A human brain can identify an image immediately unlike Google unless the webmaster includes tag to the particular picture. For example, you can easily identify the color, the size and the breed of the dog immediately. Unlike a search engine, the webmaster would have to use tags that the image is a black dog Doberman. What we see has a profound effect on us. Visual content drives engagement of the viewer.

A Way To Entice People

Role of Visual Data in SEO

Integrated visual content can boost the number of your audience by a single image or poster which you are going to upload to your social media account or blog. According to studies, the processing of visuals in the brain is faster. The brain retains more information when it is delivered visually. A person can easily remember the information if there is a visual aid involved. Again, the visual content must be catchy and the necessary information must be included such as the what, where, and when. In fact, in Facebook network alone, if a person posts status updates with images, it creates 180% of engagement.

How To Deliver Effective Visuals?

This is the right question if you are in a business creating the market. Of course, the visual content must be delivered effectively for creating the biggest impact on the audience. You can share relevant images which are connected to your niche. Make sure to use reputable resources like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to name a few. It is all about creativity, but, you have to keep in mind that the visual you present to your audience provides necessary information about what you are announcing. For example, your business will be opened soon a few weeks from now. You should emphasize the name of your business, the products or services that you are selling, when it will be opened, and where your store is located. Including the tagline of your brand can also entice the viewers but make sure that it is attractive.

Infographics – The Latest Trend in Visual Data

It is another excellent choice for visual marketing. You can compile a single image with all the complex data, facts, and figures with an easily intelligible visual display. The fact that your visual presentation features landing page, optimization or social media networks influences the audience . Using infographics should be an active part of your content marketing strategy. Online audiences love to read blogs with infographics because of the fact that that it uses visual aids for them. It can make a higher impact if the graphics include thumbnail images as well as a hyperlink to your site. There are many sites that provide infographic creation resources, for example, Canva. Here is a list of sites for creating infographics that can help as well.

Videos and Short Films

Videos are incredibly useful when attracting viewers and potential buyers in marketing. It has been proven over several years with the use of televisions. These days, even a company that has a low budget can advertise on its own using YouTube channel. Having great video serves influentially to your marketing campaign by demonstrating the product, service or information the audiences about the benefits of the items or services that you offer. There are several kinds of videos you can use for your marketing which can enhance your business profits. You can use explainer videos, customer testimonials, customer reviews, and demonstrations. Whatever your choice, the video must represent your brand and include all the information that the audience need. Make sure that the videos are created with high definition presentation so that it catches the attention of the audiences. It is a principle of the power of suggestion encouraging them to buy your product. Here is how you can create an effective video SEO strategy.

Memes – Adding Humor To the Visual Data Representation

Last but not the least, are the memes which have taken the social media by storm. It is a funny way of expressing someone’s feeling using different scenes from famous films or general images. It is accompanied by humor and people love humor as it easily catches people’s attention. Yet, not all marketers tend to use memes in their strategies, however; such images are a quick form of visual content.

Taking full advantage of Visual Content


Visual content will always be able to create an impact on the end user. Videos and photos are something that people remember and can connect with quicker than remembering long articles. These images & videos will encourage them to want to discover more about your brand. If you have a good visual content, your brand will surely leave a mark on your visitors.

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