Lead Generation

The concept of lead generation has, even with the advent of mass technology, remained the same over time. In the days gone by, leads were generated by sitting on a table with forms and hoping to get your target market to come fill those forms with relevant personal details. However, now, lead generation, with the power of the internet, has allowed businesses to gain quality and targeted leads almost instantaneously without the hassle that was previously associated with the process. Therefore, while the concept behind lead generation has remained unaltered, the method of generating quality and targeted leads has changed with technology, which works both in the favor of buyers and sellers.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker

Our Specialties:

  • Design & Develop Landing Pages For Websites
  • Design & Develop Landing Pages For Social Media Platforms
  • Generate Leads Through Landing Pages
  • Collect Leads Through E-Mails
  • Partner With Businesses To Exchange Or Purchase Leads
  • Minimize Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Track Lead Generation Campaign
  • Measure Return On Investment (ROI) For Leads
  • Create Strategies For Converting Leads Into Sales
  • Retain Leads

Why Choose Us?

We, at Ashwarya Infotech provide specialized lead generation services that are guaranteed to provide results in the form of good conversion rates. Our highly skilled professional staff works closely with you to create informational pages and landing pages to generate maximum leads. High quality informational websites and sales oriented landing pages are frequented by visitors who are then motivated to drop their leads, providing you with targeted leads that are genuinely interested in your product offerings.

High quality lead generating tactics can often make or break a business. Through our expert lead generation service, the leads we provide have a high conversion rate and seldom ever go wasted. With Ashwarya Infotech’s high quality lead generation applications, you can be rest assured about having genuine and high value leads that enhance your revenue in the long run.