26 Sep 2016
5 Sites For Creating Infographics

Top 5 Sites For Creating Infographics

According to several surveys online, there are about 40% of people who respond better to visual information representation than the textual one. We also shared a blog explaining the impact of visual data in SEO. You can read the blog here. This means, using videos, photos and creating infographics could be a great way to communicate with the live audiences. In fact, photos on social media sites get shared five times more than text. This helps you in optimizing your SEO campaign in targeting live users and not just the algorithm itself.

The images are effective as a suggestion to viewers to stay longer on the web page and hopefully subscribe to your service or buy your products you are offering online. In other words, it can be called as cold calling, talking in terms of marketing. Images are shareable, linkable and indeed assets for your SEO campaign. The only problem is, you don’t have hours to spare designing images and creating unique infographics. This is where online infographic creating sites come in the picture. With these sites, you can create enticing graphics for your audiences. Below is a list of the 5 best infographic creation websites.

5 Best Sites for Creating Infographics

Canva Infographic Maker –

Canva can be used for multiple purposes and infographic creation is just one of them. This infographic tool is powerful and easy to use. The templates available here are suitable for all kinds of designs from pertaining to businesses, guidelines, information, and brochures. With the vast varieties of images, fonts and icons to choose from, you can produce a very good infographic for your viewers. The site offers infographic tools that you can use for free with over hundreds of designs. There are also premium elements that you can buy for just $1.00. You can use the browser or you can also download the Canva iPad App allowing you to design your infographic on the move.

Vizualize.me for Creating Infographics –

When it comes to infographics, Visualize is a name to reckon. Here, you can visualize on what kind of design you wish to use and then create an interesting infographic out of it. You can also look at your previous creations. As you know infographics are not just for the facts and figures representation but also for representing your business information to the public. You can emphasize on your accomplishments in simple yet compelling visuals. When it comes to optimizing your website, this can create an impact on your followers or subscribers because you are presenting your accomplishments in a manner that appeals to the user.

Google Developers or Google Charts API

This platform is intended for businesses particularly wanting to make infographics in charts. Since it is developed by Google, then this simply means that this site is fully reliable when it comes to infographics. You can choose wide varieties of charts and configure settings the way you wanted. The charts work by connecting your data in real time. It is indeed one of the best and perfect chart based infographic generator for your website.


This is a free web-based infographic maker offering you different kinds of templates to start off with. The navigation and the interface are easy and fully customizable as well. You can access a library with different arrows, connector lines, shapes, and text ranging with different kinds of colors styles and font style. The tool also allows you to upload your photos and position them as you want.


This infographic maker tool can turn your boring data or demonstration to look lively and attractive in just a few clicks. Again, this too is easy to use tool that can be pretty handy when you want to quickly build an image showing your data. This can be very helpful in informing your readers about your services and products. It is fully customizable as it lets you change anything from color, theme, fonts, to graphics, shapes, and images. The grid allows you to easily align the elements you uploaded. You can resize them without affecting the quality. This site offers free versions while you can also subscribe their pro account starting at $29.00 per month or you can take the full advantage of their service in their annual package for $169.00.

We personally like Canva and PiktoChart a lot, especially for the options they offer. What do you use for creating infographics? Do let us know by posting your comments below.

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