28 Nov 2016
Strategic Ways To Use Twitter For Business

Strategic Ways To Use Twitter For Business

It’s no secret that almost everyone has a Twitter account these days. We do too @ashwaryainftch. Like other social media platforms, Twitter is an excellent source of entertainment while on the way to the office, air your thoughts out, or when you need to get updates from different parts of the world. Like other social media platforms, it does a swell job in making the distance shorter and in keeping people posted on events #astheyhappen. The same is true when you are using Twitter for business. While most people use their Twitter account to entertain themselves, engage in gossip, or stalk their favorite celebrity, this platform can actually be used strategically for business. Since Twitter users come from different parts of the world, it becomes effortless for companies to introduce their products and services on a global level.

Leads and Business Marketing Through Twitter

Anyone who owns a Twitter account has a profile page where they can post information about themselves. Business owners can maximize this profile page and post photos, videos, and other information about their company. While it’s perfectly fine to post the link to your website on this page, it will be much better if you take the time to create a landing page that’s specifically for your followers from Twitter. On the landing page, write an introduction to your company and write content that you can use for lead generation. Here is an image about Twitter Best Practices on doing lead generation and business marketing through Twitter.

Twitter Best Practices on Lead Generation

Speaking of lead generation content, make it a point to post this plus a link to your landing page regularly. There are millions of users on Twitter and there’s another million that post status updates almost every second. In order for your posts to be more visible, post them every thirty minutes or if you don’t want to flood people with your updates, then post every other hour.

Have you ever heard of Twitter search? You can use this to get some grip on what’s happening in the Twittersphere. Use it to look for trending industry phrases, questions, and other topics that can help you identify potential clients. Once you spot these prospects, start a dialogue with them by sending them a direct message or mention them on Twitter. Use the lead generation content from your site to give them tips, life hacks, or answer their questions.

Find out if there’s a Twitter chat your company can participate in. These Twitter chats are self-organized micro-communities whose discussions revolve around specific topics. They happen weekly at a set time and day, and they make use of specific hashtags that can be used to trigger conversations. Clicking the hashtag will show you who the participants in the Twitter chat are.

Aside from posting tweets regularly, it’s also highly recommended that you blog frequently. Research shows that businesses that actually own blogs have a lot more Twitter followers than businesses that don’t. This is because blogs show how serious these businesses are and it gives them more content to share on their social media accounts. Linking your blog to your Twitter account is an excellent way to generate leads and market your business in this platform.

Be courageous to ask your followers for some “love”. Ask them to favorite, reply to, or retweet your posts and make sure that you keep track of them! Try to track Twitter mentions and reply to them. This will make your followers feel that you value them.

Brand Establishment Using Twitter for Business

You can showcase your brand by maintaining a strong presence on Twitter and other social media sites. Aside from building the reputation of your company, your Twitter followers will also receive updates on social and brand happenings whenever you post regularly. As they read lead generation content updates from you, they will also see your business as an authority.

According to research, people would rather purchase from businesses that are active on social media than those who aren’t. This is because businesses that are social media savvy have an emotional connection with their customers and prospects who can vouch for the positive reputation of your business. A known powerful force in the world of branding is community strength, and that is something that social media platforms have. This creates opportunities for businesses to establish their brands by developing a huge community of active and loyal customers.

Using Twitter For Business

This also increases the number of people who trust your business. When you reply to messages and mentions from your followers, you show them that your company is worthy of their trust. You can keep sending them links to your lead generation content and find ways to satisfy them. Remember, satisfied customers become loyal customers.

Since Twitter has users from different parts of the globe, it can increase your company’s digital exposure. There are instant marketplace updates, which is an excellent venue for your company to advertise your products and services. Studies show that businesses who update their Twitter accounts at least two to three times each week experience a significant increase in their online presence both in the digital and traditional market space.

You’ll also be surprised at how simple regular Twitter posts can help boost your company’s sales. This is because you have the capacity to make the necessary changes to your products and services because of the instant access to customer feedback courtesy of Twitter. If a customer makes specific requests, talk to them to know more about what their needs and expectations are. If it’s something that your company can do, feel free to execute what was discussed with the customer. If it’s something that does not fall under the company’s mission, vision, and goals, explain it properly to the customer. Twitter can also help boost your company’s search engine rankings which can actually do wonders for your business. The combination of search engine optimization and strong social media presence will boost and strengthen your brand.

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