05 Jan 2019
Video in Blog Posts

How to Use Video in Blog Posts to Increase Engagement

Start a blog is child’s play nowadays. Everyone wants to start their own blog on different topics. You can purchase domain names and host in very less cost and some other tools which are required to launch a website are easy for anyone with some general knowledge and information of computers and the Internet to start a blog. You can use Video in Blog Posts for user engagement.

As adding the blog is a very easy task now a day so you need to complete your blog with some creative, unique and immeasurable extra efforts without the hope of a reward. First, you need to focus on your blog to make it a success after it you can think about earning some money from it.

The most important thing for a blog post is User Engagement. You will get good user engagement on your blog post by adding or embed most related video in it. You will get success to your Blog post with a successful YouTube channel. You can easily create a YouTube Channel by following some easy steps.

User Engagement

You will get many advantages with a successful YouTube channel. It will very helpful for getting more traffic on the website or the blog post with the YouTube video. You can easily Embed YouTube Video in Your Blog Posts with the embed code.

To get the Embed code of any YouTube video,

  • Click the “Share” button under the video
  • Click “Embed” and copy the whole code which is highlighted for you
  • Paste the Embed code at the spot in the blog post where you want to add the video

Embed any Video in your blog posts (web pages or landing pages) is the most direct and useful way to integrate your content marketing and YouTube videos. You can get many advantages with it. If you have added (embed) your video in the blog posts, it will become more engaging and dynamic. It is a different, unique and impressive way to show a blog post to users/readers. Readers will find it more helpful to read the blog with visual form.

Blog posts with the videos generate more inbound links and can increase viewership than those without. While Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are usually considered separate but complementary tools, YouTube is an exception. You can get more and more benefits from YouTube. YouTube into Content Marketing Campaigns can make a huge difference in your blog posts.

So now what do you think? If you have integrated your content marketing and YouTube videos then how do you use YouTube to benefit your business? Please share your knowledge, thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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