03 Apr 2017

What is Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a method many Search Engine Optimization users use to search and find analysis on words or phrases people look up. It tells you how much traffic comes in from specific words, which is used to benefit the SEOs. They make a lot of the difference between where you come out during Google Searches for your topic.

Every marketer needs to determine who they are targeting. If you are looking to target young soccer players around the world, consider changing the language and country to where the post is coming from. You can also use Google Adwords if you’re more focused on displaying ads and spreading your traffic flow through displays. With Google Adwords, advertisement becomes easier than ever. They will advertise your business through search ads, display ads, video ads, and app ads. It is great exposure, as many use Google Ads on their products for slight income.

There are two things every SEO has to keep an eye out for –

  • The first is overused words or phrases. For example, if a soccer jersey business wanted to find keywords, “soccer” could have a few million people using that word for their websites, so they might look for something a little more specific. It would be better to specifically look for something along the lines of “soccer jerseys for sale,” and around that kind of nature.
  • Looking for the best words and lines aren’t they only thing SEO’s should research for. They also need to keep an eye out for useless words that receive no traffic. These are typically extremely narrow words or phrases that don’t relate to the content provided. There are many places that allow you to find great niches. You can always look down on Wikipedia’s content box after searching a broad topic around your focus. There is also Reddit and some other forum sites. YouTubeis the best spot to find niches for the video creators.

Three Major Steps Involved in Keyword Research Work –

3 Major Steps in Keyword Research

When you begin the Keyword Research process, there are three major steps that you need to carry out in general. They are explained below –

  1. Discovering the KWs – For this step, you need to find more keywords that are related to your website’s business and work.
  2. ROI Analysis of the KWs – For this step, you need to sort your keyword list, that you found in the first step, to a shorter one containing those terms that can earn money for you or act as a Return On Investment(ROI). This terms could be highly competitive too but such keywords should be included in your target list.
  3. Competitive Analysis of KWs – This is yet again, a very important step in Keyword research. It involves studying and analyzing your niche competitors to find out what keywords they are using for SEO and what terms they are ranking the best on.

The Best Tools for Keyword Research –

There are a handful of tools that are accessible to keyword researchers on the market. There is the suggestion, analysis, traffic tools, and keyword generators. These features are a few of many that help SEO’s set up business exposure with great keywords. They keep people from taking shots with closed eyes and just adding random keywords without any insight on the amount of traffic they receive. Some of the best tools for doing keyword research are given below.

  1. Google Keyword Tool
  2. SEMRush Keyword Tool
  3. Wordtracker
  4. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

When it comes to using keyword tools, it would probably be wise to start with a Google Keyword Tool. While there are many alternatives that are also free, it is wise to start collecting data from the motherland of online research. They allow you to focus on a specific average monthly search for words and phrases. They allow you to filter keywords that don’t meet your expectations. You get search volume data and trends as well. There are many great features to this Google tool that would be a great way for any marketer to start learning about the power of keyword research. We have discussed more details about effective keyword research before.

Keyword research is one of many branches that could make or break a smooth flow of customers to a business. When proper keywords are used that carry a balance of relativity, and visitors, business will only become easier to showcase.

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