03 Jul 2019
Black Hat, Gray Hat and White Hat

Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat SEO | Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the latest and hot topic in these days especially for the website owner who wants to optimize their online businesses,  get newcomers & return visitors, get rank on Google, increase direct and indirect traffic on their website. To get the proper attention, the website needs good SERP’s that will help to get the attention of the audience through organic search. For this, you need to know some information about SEO. Here, we are sharing some great knowledge about varieties of SEO techniques.

The main thing is that not all SEO persons follow the same rules. It is most important to know the differences between the three major techniques of SEO. The three main techniques such as a Black hat (“bad guy” SEO), Whitehat (“good guy” SEO) and Gray hat (“Combination of both guy” SEO) have been used by years. All these SEO techniques give a lot of positive and negative effects for business owners.

Let’s talk about each in detail:

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO is an SEO technique which is used from many years for fast results in SERPs. People are using Black Hat SEO for getting major improvements in their websites or blogs. If you want instant results for your blog or website then you have to use this method. For example, if you are creating a post for any festival and you want to get the high rank and more visibility for the limited period then Black Hat SEO is for you. You can get fast results with this but you may suffer from this in the future. You will get a penalty by Google which can harm your SERP status.

Black Hat SEO is unethical and manipulative SEO technique as per the google rules. It abuses the Search Engine’s algorithm and guidelines to improve the website’s ranking with the use of keyword stuffing, duplicate content, hidden content and paid links. These techniques give great improvement is ranking at a time but when it will get recognized by Search Engines, the website get penalized.

The goal of this method is to get a high search engine ranking by breaking all the rules and guidelines.

Here are various ways for Black Hat SEO, some are:

  • Hidden Content: 

    In this, the website owner added some text with the same color of website background so that the user cannot read the unnecessary and unrelated content but the search engine can crawl it.

  • Cloaking: 

    This is a technique of search engine optimization, in which the content showed to the search engine spider and to the user’s browser is different.

  • Duplicate Content: 

    In this, the website owner uses some content from other’s website to seem good to search engines.

White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO is the most ethical and accepted method of SEO. It is Google’s Golden Child. In this, the website is completely the same for the search engines and the users as well. The website owner has no risk of any type of penalties. It may be a slower method for getting a higher rank than Black Hat and Gray Hat sometimes but you will not get penalized by Google.

It is a slow and steady method. If you are following 100% of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and algorithms to get your website on the top position in Google then you should go with White Hat SEO.

The goal of this method is to get a high and long-lasting search engine ranking without breaking any rules and guidelines.

SEO Techniques

Here are various ways for White Hat SEO, some are:

  • Organic Keyword Selection:

    You have to properly choose the right keywords according to the type of business, relevant to the niche, services you provide and particular location (For Local SEO). 

  • High-Quality Content: 

    It is very true that “Content is King” in SEO. There is nothing more important and valuable than Content. You have to add properly optimized content with the use of actual keywords according to services and page.

  • Properly Set Up Meta Title and Description: 

    With the use of your keywords, you have to create proper Meta Title and Description. The ideal length of Meta Title is 60-70 characters and Meta Description is 160-165 characters.

  • Setting up Heading Tags: 

    You have to use proper Headings for every page. Each page has to one and only one H1 tag which can be your main keyword.

  • Quality Links: 

    For these, you have to understand the Good Links and Bad Links. The links which come from the relevant and authorized website are Good Links and which come from the non-relevant website are Bad links.

Gray Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO is a middle way between the White Hat and Black Hat. In this, SEO person pushes more than White Hat SEO to get the high rank but not to the point where a website can get penalized by Search Engines. Gray Hat SEO is a newer concept with over-optimization can occur. 

The tactics of Gray Hat SEO include ask for guest posts and reuse the old blogs or information. Results may vary but need to be careful with the dark side of SEO. The time when you start something to attract or acquire links, you are no longer using a White Hat SEO. So, maximum people who are doing SEO and say that they are using “White Hat SEO methods” are really working in shades of Gray. These days using Gray Hat does not mean the person is using “Black Hat” either.

In simple words, in Gray Hat, they are not buying links like Black Hat SEO but they are creating links on other high authorized websites which are very related to their own with amplifying their content or find placements on the websites at proper place which looks natural.

Lastly, we are trying our best to give you actual knowledge of SEO techniques. Now you have all the information about SEO color techniques Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat SEO. You have a clear idea that what technique you should use to improve your search results.

You can implement by yourself in an easy way. Don’t forget at the end of the day, you are trying to put your brand on the top of the search results. If you have any doubts or suggestions then leave your comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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