19 Dec 2016
Broken Link Building Guide

The Essential Broken Link Building Guide

Broken link building, a very popular trend these days is an interesting way for getting link building opportunities easily. Since broken link building is a big topic in itself, we have divided it into two separate but related blog posts. This one discusses the definition, need, importance, and benefits of it while the next blog will focus more on the process. Broken link building, also known as dead link building, is a method or technique where a marketer points out the link to an inactive website to the webmaster. In exchange, the marketer will ask the webmaster to use his or her site links as a replacement. Broken links take site visitors to a 404 page that’s why it’s important that the webmaster knows about these erratic links so they can be fixed.

To quickly search for broken links, you can look for pages that are relevant or similar to that of your niche. For example, if your site is about notepads, you can type keywords connected to notepad on the search engine. You might discover these broken links because they appear on pages that are similar or relevant to that of your niche. If you think these links can be included in your website, you can point out to the owner that the links are broken and, since you just did them a favor, you can ask them to use your links instead.

Why is Broken Link Building So Popular?

One of the reasons why broken link building has recently been making a buzz in the SEO world is because it makes everyone feel safe. By informing webmasters, SEOs are able to prevent or lessen the chances of a link rot. The quality of a site is of premium importance to an SEO and having few to none broken links can spare them from a lot of trouble. Broken link building also makes it easy to increase their email value. When emails regarding this technique are successful, the webmaster can get their links within 24-48 hours. The turnaround time is a lot lesser than letting the owner of the site test and review products or pitching guest blog posts and establishing connections. It’s a much more practical, efficient, and effective method that can save you time and money. Moreover, broken link building boasts of positive results for countless link builders.

What Do You Need, To Begin Broken Link Building?

It’s essential to have good site content if you want to succeed in broken link building for the simple reason that no one will ever link to your site if it’s of low quality. While webmasters appreciate receiving information about links, they are also smart enough to check and evaluate the links that are being sent to them. Broken link building as a strategy is appealing to SEOs because they are able to profit from putting quality content on their site.

The Importance of Broken Link Building

To understand the importance of this strategy, let’s begin by talking about how links are made. It starts with an anchor tag or an “a” that signals the search engine that it contains a link. The “href”, also known as the hyperlink referral which comes after the “a” and the words enclosed in the quotation marks point the search engine to the URL. This URL may be a web page, a file, or an image that can be downloaded. After the href comes the anchor text of the link which is visible to the users. They click on this to take them to the site that the link is pointing to. It’s often underlined and highlighted so that users can identify it as a clickable link. Then comes the closure of link tag which simply indicates that the link tag ends there.

Now that we’ve dissected the link, we can proceed to how these links are used by search engines. In simple words, links are used by search engines to navigate around the worldwide web. Through these links, they gain access to the single pages on various websites and to the links that connect to other sites. This is why broken link building makes so much sense. It’s also a technique that will last for decades because broken links are inevitable. Whether it’s because of a typographical error or an expired hosting, someone out there is bound to end up with a broken link and it’s your job to find them.

Search engines also determine how a page or a website ranks on the search results. They can squeeze out the content after pointing to a website before adding it to their indexes. By doing this, they can decide if the page deserves to be at the top ten of the search results or not. Aside from the content, the search engine also checks how many external links are pointing to that page. If your page has plenty of high-quality sites that are linked to you, there’s a high chance that you’ll have good rankings in the search results. These links serve as a vote of confidence or some sort of assurance that the site has quality content and that it is highly recommended.

Benefits of Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is Beneficial for Getting Links Naturally

Your site’s Google Page Rank (PR) depends on how many inbound links from highly ranked websites are on your page. As we mentioned earlier, when your website becomes more visible to people, it will increase the number of site visits. You can then decide if you wish to convert these visits into newsletter subscriptions or buyers, depending on what your site is about. Getting indexed and being on the top list of the search results is also a lot easier when you maximize broken link building.

All things considered, the most important benefit that you can get from broken link building is establishing a relationship or creating a network with other webmasters. While it’s often perceived as a strategy to boost rankings in the search results, it can also be seen as an entry point for future collaborations and projects with other webmasters. Once they see the quality of the website that you have, they are given an opportunity to see the skills that you have and to identify the ones that both of you can collaborate on.

For all you know, broken link building just might be that one trade secret that you need to grow your business! So what are your thoughts on this? Do let us know about it in the comment section below.


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