13 Feb 2017
How To Hire An SEO Company

How To Choose And Hire An SEO Company From So Many

Companies who have experience doing SEO on their own will agree that it’s not a walk in the park. No matter how much effort they put into SEO, their site remains on the same spot. Add to that the fact that optimizing their site gives them plenty of backlogs. This is one of the reasons why everyone recommends that you hire an SEO company right away as they have years of experience in doing SEO, they can get things done within a short period of time, and having them on board gives you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Now, this raises an important question: how can you choose a reliable SEO company? However, you are still wondering whether you should outsource your SEO work, here is an article giving you 7 reasons for outsourcing SEO. But if you have made up your mind already then continue reading.

Factors That Should be Considered To Hire An SEO Company

  • Subscription services – If you want your site to rank well, you need to choose an SEO that conducts post-optimization maintenance to ensure that your site stays at its new search result ranking. All of your efforts will be in vain if you hire an SEO company that works hard to boost your rankings but leaves you once improvements are visible.
  • Guaranteed top rankings – If the SEO company guarantees that they will give your site the #1 spot on Google, ditch them. They can promise you the moon and the stars all they want, but even Google SEO selection tips dictate that no SEO company can guarantee that top spot.
  • Price – Think SEO campaigns are affordable? Think again. If the company’s rates are too affordable, then you might want to ask your friends about the reputation of that company. You might be spending more and saving less when you hire them.
  • Google Rankings – You can also rely on Google when looking for trustworthy SEO companies. If a certain company has been involved in a scandal or fraud, there’s a good chance that you will find articles written about them on Google. Do remember that companies who don’t have negative publicity are automatically great. One more benefit that you can get from looking for SEO companies through Google is that you can see if their website is optimized or not. If it’s optimized, that means they know what they’re doing.
  • Portfolio – It takes one happy customer to make or break your business. If you’re eyeing an SEO company, ask for their portfolio to see the sites they’ve optimized and the references from all of their clients. If they decline and tell you that that information is confidential, that’s a red flag right there. However, at Ashwarya Infotech, we have got nothing to hide except personal access to our client’s details of course. Check out our SEO portfolio.

Questions to Ask the SEO Company Before Hiring Them

Question – Does your company have the capacity to help me with high-quality content?

There are SEO companies that can’t help you with content creation and that’s fine. However, if you want full-service agencies that can provide you with everything that you need to boost your site’s rankings, then go for a company that has expertise in the field of content creation. They should be able to provide you with content that’s both valuable to your target customers and relevant to your niche market.

Question – How Are You Going To Help Me Rank?

Sometimes, SEO companies refuse to give the nitty gritty details on how the techniques and strategies that they will be using will help improve your search rankings. This is reasonable because if they give away all of the details, they will eventually lose their clients. That said, an SEO company should still give their clients a broad outline of the strategy they intend to implement, including all of the technical changes that they will be making, details of the editorial calendar, and their link building strategies. If the customer has questions, they should be willing to provide the answers just so the customer is aware of the direction that they’re going. If the company or agency refuses to give out any explanation, there’s a high chance that they are not reliable and trustworthy.

Question – How Long Is the Process?

If they tell you that the process will be done in a few days or less than a month, run. SEO companies can rank sites by carefully putting a bunch of keywords together, but impressive results can only be achieved if they do competitor research and conduct a proper auditing of your site. This research will help them come up with valuable keywords and create technical strategies that will optimize your site and boost your search rankings.


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