02 Jan 2017
SEO Trends 2017

SEO Trends 2017 – What Does The Future Say?

And just like that, we will be entering 2017 in a few days. The air is once again filled with a bittersweet sense of nostalgia as people begin to look back on the 2016’s highs and lows, taking note of the lessons each experience brought them. 2016 has been an epic ride for most of us and for some reason, knowing that 2017 is just around the corner is quite comforting. It’s also around this time that people dip their toes into planning things out for their personal and professional lives to prepare them for the year ahead. A new year means new challenges, and it’s only fitting that people enter 2017 armed with tools that will prepare them for whatever the next year has in store for them. Speaking of which, this is also a good time to take a look at our list of SEO trends 2017 since, well, with all the latest inventions in the tech world, everyone’s hands are about to get even busier next year.

The Future of the 2017 SEO Trends

So, if you want to feel that SEO success this 2017 and are currently working on your strategies, plans, and budget, this forecast is for you:

1. The Domination of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPS)

What in the world are Accelerated Mobile Pages and why is it set to dominate this 2017? Although it is an old news, it is definitely not one that will go away. As you probably know, AMPs are open-source protocols that give webmasters the freedom to craft web pages that can instantly load on mobile devices and tablets. By instantly, we mean less than three seconds which means your site will have more visitors compared to the ones that take forever to load. In this day and age, time is of the essence and speed is an important factor in SEO success. Moreover, research shows that visitors will most likely abandon sites that take more than three to five seconds to load.

So where does AMP fit in the equation?

Well, AMPs allow sites to quickly load up on your screen because it uses eight times lesser data bytes. This is because AMP uses less or “lighter” CSS and HTML plus it does not come from the server, but from the cloud. As a result, AMP pages load thirty times faster than the usual site and that’s the only thing that matters to a site visitor apart from relevancy and usefulness of course. Google has already given due recognition to AMPs and is starting to make that shift by favoring sites that have made the switch. AMPs are easy to spot because it comes with a small lightning bolt icon. They are now more visible and are expected to dominate the SEO arena in 2017.

2. The Rise of Mobile SEO

Since we talked about speed earlier, mobile SEO should also be mentioned. We have already shared a blog post on the Importance of Mobile SEO and mainly because we do believe that it will be an important player in future. Experts are also eyeing the boom of app store optimization or mobile SEO in 2017, especially with the recent developments in technology. There’s a growing number of people who own more than one mobile device or tablet and use it as their main source of information and the numbers will continue to increase next year. This changes the playing field a bit and it opens a lot of doors for SEO. This also means that companies will have to prioritize mobile SEO when it comes to their digital marketing strategies. Google is currently working on a mobile-first index which means that sites will appear on the search rankings based on their mobile version. Mobile responsive sites that contain quality content are given priority and are favored for making things easier and faster for the users.

The rise of app store optimization is also because people use different apps for like, booking tickets for buses, planes, trains, and movies. Even bills are paid through different apps and thank goodness that became a possibility because that meant lesser cars on the street, shorter lines at the payment counters… or so, we think.

3. It’s All About Branding

We’re about to close 2016 and it’s surprising that a lot of companies still underestimate the value of personal branding. Those who really want their SEO to be successful this 2017 should focus on their personal branding because for all they know, it can actually be their secret weapon. A lot of companies will be pouring their blood, sweat, and tears on their SEO and the only way for them to stand out is to highlight their brand. This should be their core strategy because this will set them apart from the other companies.

Consistent personal branding will make it easier for site visitors and users to trust them, it will drive more traffic to their website, and securing guest posts will be as easy as eating a slice of moist chocolate cake. Social media platforms already took notice of this that’s why they’re putting more premium on individual, personalized post compared to the ones that look like they were created by machines.

4. Quality Content

Companies that generate quality content will reap huge rewards in 2017. Usage of keywords will still matter, but for the coming year, content that answers the questions of the site visitors will be given more value. This 2017, consider the site users and the questions that they might be asking when creating content. Consider their thought processes and make sure that the content is not just a string of keywords but an article that enlightens them and gives them the answers they need.

5. User Exchange Optimization (UEO)

It’s no secret that User Exchange Optimization or UEO is essential to SEO. Google takes this into consideration that’s why it gives high search rankings to sites that load quickly, are designed in such a way that users can easily find what they want and are optimized for mobile usage higher search rankings. Experts also believe that user experience will be given more emphasis in 2017 especially since the recurring themes in SEO trends these days are speed, convenience, effectivity, and efficiency which is already validated by the growing number of mobile users.

Knowing what the future holds for SEO trends in 2017 gives companies the opportunity to plan and strategize wisely. So what do you think will change in digital marketing in the year 2017? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you need any assistance with your digital marketing strategy, lead generation plan or anything SEO then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are an SEO company in Indore and have been in business for many years. We are willing to assist you.


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