Virtual Assistance

About Virtual Assistance Services

With the expansion of internet now a days, everyone wants to list their business online and to enhance it.  But you cannot do it all by yourself and you need help with it. There are various people who can help you with your business with the help of internet. These are called virtual assistants and the help is called virtual assistance. Any person can get assistance of other person with the person beside them or sitting at any other place or in any other country. You can define virtual assistance as the help provided either by phone, message, fax or email. A virtual assistant is the person who works for you remotely and use many kinds of technologies to deliver your services to clients. The next phase of virtual assistance is that freelancers or entrepreneurs who work virtually concentrate on giving the best to their clients by specializing in their work.

Why choose Us?

You are a business person looking for help then Ashwarya InfoTech is the place where you can get the quality/bets virtual assistance.  We at Ashwarya InfoTech, offer you virtual assistance with your projects and websites or businesses with 100% compliance of your instructions and your needs. We ensure that you, our clients, get the quality results with our assistance.  We try to give you the best services and we ensure that you get the desired results with what you need.

VA Services which we offer:

  • Creating and maintain records
  • Maintaining Address books and Excel Sheets for Business cards
  • Data Entry
  • Managing Podcasts and Webinars
  • Transcription
  • Editing (Photos, records and presentations)
  • Coordinating Events and pull together Attendees
  • Calendar Management (Managing meetings and upcoming events)
  • Newsletter Scheduling and managing
  • Searching and Providing virtual team for your Business

If you are looking for any assistance virtually or want to discuss you business for virtual assistance we can help you out.