27 Mar 2017
Why Start Guest Posting or Guest Post Blogging

Why You Should Start Guest Post Blogging

Guest post blogging has been carried out for years, but it has never been this exceptional and astounding. Many are still marveling its difference from just plain blogging. Well, guest posting works in two ways– you write articles to be posted on other blogger’s site, and another blogger writes an article to be posted on your site.

Why should you start guest posting?

Guest post blogging is an approach used by bloggers to build their name and increase traffic to their blog site. Guest post blogging on other blog sites is a decent way of expanding your audience while also building up your credibility. Because readers visit related articles/blogs, seeing your guest post in different sites reinforces the impression that you are an expert in your field.

How to Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities?

When searching for sites to guest post, your primary goal is to look for sites that are relevant to your industry/niche. Google is the best place to look for guest posting opportunities. You can also contact known bloggers and pitch a guest post. You want to look for blogs under the following criteria:

●The blog site’s content is centered on your industry/niche.
●The audience of the blog site will be attracted to your industry.
●The blog site has engaged readership; their posts have been commented upon or shared socially.
●The owner of the blog site is active on social media, so your work can be promoted.

Benefits of Guest Post Blogging:

If you’re a writer, and you’ve never given guest post blogging a try, you’re missing the boat. Here are some proven benefits of guest post blogging.

1. You get new readers.

Guest posting lets you gain more subscribers or readers in a day than you will in a month, especially if you guest post on credible sites. As you get more exposure, you’ll gain more quality readers and draw more followers.

Guest post blogging on other sites bigger than yours is an excellent way to influence and impact the lives of their readers. Thus, you’ll gain their trust. You will gain far more readers by combining the readers’ of other sites as compared to when you stand by yourself.

2. You build a network of loyal audience or followers.

Linking the readers to your social media channels can expand your visibility and online presence, thus, boosting your post’s comments, likes, shares, and other means of engagement. If the readers like your article, there’s a big chance they’ll follow you on your site, Google+, or Twitter to check out other contents you may have. Besides increasing your followers through your guest post, your articles can also get shared by the readers via social media. This leads to a multiplied visibility. The more shares your post gets, the more it will speed up the growth of your network.

3. You can promote your own website for free.

This is the primary reason writers love to guest post on other sites. Guest posting is a great way to gain exposure to a specific niche/audience. Typically, most sites will allow you to include a short author bio at the end of your article. They will let you include a link to your site. Some sites have particular rules about this. Nevertheless, this is one of the greatest ways to promote your own blog site at no cost.

4. It improves your SEO credibility through link building.

Since most sites allow you to insert your website link/URLs in your guest post, your SEO credibility can be improved. When you insert links to your site, you’ll definitely propel referral traffic while also improving your organic search rankings. Just make sure to deliver high-quality content. Link building is a great method for increasing your search engine ranking. Providing valuable content to the sites where you post as a guest develops a good blogging relationship with them. Plus, they might as well give you more guest posting opportunities.

5. You build your guest post blogging credibility.

A positive relationship with known sites will definitely drive and build your credibility as a blogger. A blogger who’s been published on websites like Huffington Post will be more likely to be viewed as a credible blogger in their field as compared to a blogger who doesn’t have a guest post. It may be difficult to get accepted or invited as a guest writer or for top sites. So, starting off with smaller blog sites and adding them to your portfolio will head start creating your online credibility. Always make sure to write guest posts aimed at providing solutions for your audience. Guest post blogging will dynamically help you get high-level of respect in your particular niche.

6. You can generate revenue or earn money from guest post blogging.

Guest post blogging on prevalent industry sites may also lead to bigger opportunities that go beyond just writing posts. They often result in actual sales of services and products. Some sites even pay you for your guest posts. Guest posting is also an easier approach in gaining more audiences and way cheaper than paid ads. This is one of the best things this approach can offer to you.


Whether you are aiming for more credibility, exposure, inbound links, or networking opportunities, guest post blogging is such a valuable content marketing strategy. While it requires dedication to constantly look for sites where you can post as a guest and write great blog posts, the benefits will always far outweigh your time investment.


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