05 Sep 2016
Top 8 Must Read and Follow SEO Blogs

Top 8 Must Read and Follow SEO Blogs

Since today is Teacher’s Day here in India and it is a day about celebrating teaching and learning, our first blog post is dedicated to reading, learning and following the 8 best SEO blogs. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts through the comment section below. Happy Reading!!!

It’s been said over and over, but it must be told apparently: SEO is changing constantly. For the past several years, you have witnessed how Google has been changing their algorithm through the Panda and Penguin updates and the increase of semantic SEO now also includes updates to Google+ AdWords, authorship, etc. All this is becoming crucial and complicated than ever. So if you want to stay updated with the kinds of SEO approach to be able to separate the facts from the theories, you need to look for SEO blogs that cover the latest SEO news.

List of 8 Most Popular SEO Blogs

These blogs will provide you the know-hows of SEO. The following list of websites is in no particular order.

Google Blog

What could be more reliable than Google blog itself when it comes to SEO? It’s a place where you can get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth. This is definitely one blog platform that never gets old. It always stays updated with fresh and accurate facts. This blog platform is something that you should be reading especially if you are a beginner, a webmaster or someone working in the Internet and digital marketing industry. Here you will get the latest news from Google, tips on what factors could help increase your Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) and what it expects in terms of a website that is fit according to Google’s terms.

Search Engine Journal

This blog platform discusses different SEO topics from different voices from all over the world. Here you will find several facts based on the SEO industry. They are truly dedicated toward providing news about SEO and the trending ways on how to optimize the website effectively. They also offer How-To guides which can be very helpful for a beginner. You will definitely enjoy this blog platform because it includes videos, comments, and forums about all kinds of different approaches. The blogs here are considered as one of the most detailed contents in the world of SEO.

Search Engine Land

As the name suggests, this is another blog site where you will find relevant blogs, news feeds and facts about SEO. This site has it all and will always be the first when it comes to the latest news in the digital marketing industry. When you read any post here you will find several articles interlinked in one subject which makes the reading even more interesting at times. All your questions can be answered on this blog platform. There is a wide variety of topics available to read such as backlinks, old domains, HTML5, Meta Tags, images and more. The writers are experts in the SEO business and you will see that most of the blogs are contributed by the same writers. This only goes to show the dedication of this site for providing the readers with the latest facts and stats.

Search Engine Watch

This is also one of the most important blog SEO sites that you must not miss. In fact, some SEO experts and those who wants to learn the different tricks and angles about optimization stays here because of its navigation and design. While the Search Engine Land is the first who can provide the latest news about SEO, the Search Engine Watch covers news and always the next one to do so. The blog site can provide publishing about the facts and news of SEO more frequently. In other words, you supposed to read this blog platform as well.


This blog has been posting a lot of good stuff for quite some time now. It is mainly a person-based analytics platform. It focuses more on data and metrics about SEO and Lead Generation and it is incredibly accurate. They do cover other news and trending topics but they mainly focus on leads, conversions, and the products that they create. They frequently publish relevant and timely news about optimization too. They provide many kinds of articles each week that can be your primary resource in your SEO campaign. If you are beginner then this could be a little overwhelming for you but if you are someone who knows their way in and around SEO then this could turn out to be a very helpful blog.


This site does not just offer blogs but also SEO tools. This site really understands your stuff and your needs when it comes to website optimization. They are always updated with the latest news and information about the search engine algorithms whether it is Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You may discover some guests authors on the blog occasionally, and by all means, you too can share your views about SEO.  Lots of advice can be found which you can use to test an approach and see if it really does work. There are other tools the site provides like density checker and audit tools.


Of course, don’t forget this forerunner right here. Also, just realized that this should probably be in the upper section of the list instead of the down one but since this list is in no particular order it’s okay. So, Moz has been in the SEO game since 2004. It was created with the intention of publishing some of the best guides for the SEO beginners. However, today they also publish posts based on some crucial topics of SEO and advanced materials today. The blogs are full of details and even the small businesses can benefit with the information they provide. Moz is more popular for not only discussing essential SEO topics but also for sharing their personal opinions about the changes witnessed in SEO. Moz is pretty much considered by many as a certified and trusted site next to Google’s blog itself.

Content Marketing Institute

Last but certainly not the least is CMI. This is where marketing, bloggers, and link experts collide under the same roof. Content Marketing Institute is the result of the lack of information on how to set up effective content (Visual and Textual both) marketing strategies or become an effective marketer through content. It focuses on content that offers great information and advice that can be easily used for your SEO campaign. You can gain in-depth insights of new techniques in content production, presentation, and marketing over the web.

Whether you are an expert in this business or not, you should never stop from learning the facts, news and always be updated in order to stay at the top of the game. You can always surf the internet to look for resources but these are the 8 best ones that you should know about. If you think we missed out an important one then do let us know. Maybe then we can create another useful list.

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